Lefkada island... the jewel of the Ionian Sea.

Lefkada is located in the heart of the Ionian sea, connected with the mainland by a small bridge.

This magic island is widely known for its amazing crystal blue beaches and picturesque landscapes.

You might have heard of our island, as its beaches and scenery are world-famous.

Porto Katsiki and Egremni, are of the most magnificent beaches in Europe and well known all over the world.






Lefkada is one of the most breathtaking Greek islands and it is located in the heart of the Ionian sea. Let us set the scene… White sand and pebbles glistening in the Ionian sun, crystal clear, turquoise waters and wild natural landscapes join forces to create some of the best beaches you will ever see!


Known for the amazing landscape and the exotic water, beaches in Lefkada are considered among the most beautiful in Greece but also in the Mediterranean Sea.


The most popular and world-known beaches are Porto Katsiki , Egremni  and Kathisma. If you’re after more isolated beaches, though, head to Milos, Afteli, and Kalamitsi, to chill out and relax away from the crowds.


If you want to take a break one day from exploring the most amazing beaches in Greece, Lefkada has much more to offer. An endless amount of activities and historical locations across the island will create the perfect Greek experience.

Apaggio Villas Lefkada Porto Katsiki Beach
Apaggio Villas Lefkada Agios Nikitas Beach
Apaggio Villas Lefkada Egremnoi Beach
Apaggio Villas Lefkada Megalh Petra Beach
Apaggio Villas Lefkada Mylos Beach
Apaggio Villas Lefkada Beach
Apaggio Villas Lefkada Egremnoi Beach
Apaggio Villas Lefkada Poros Beach


Travel to Lefkada Island:

Access by car: Athens-Lefkada is approximately 360kms distance, a 4-hour drive. Thessaloniki-Lefkada is approximately 375kms distance, a 4.5-hour drive.

By airplane: International (charter) flights and domestic flights (Athens, Crete) to Preveza/Aktion airport, then bus or taxi to Lefkada Island (20kms)

By sea plane: Connection with other Ionian Islands.
By ferry: From Ithaca and Kefallonia.
By private boat: Services available at Vasiliki.


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